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Hello and welcome to Gamer Seeking Gamer, the ultimate place for gamers of all types to come together and find each other. Whether you’re looking for a good table-top role-playing game to join or you’re a guild master looking for new recruits for your online guild, Gamer Seeking Gamer will help you succeed. Individual online gamers, table-top game masters, board game players, and collectable card game players will find Gamer Seeking Gamer a valuable resource as well. If it’s a multi-player game, Gamer Seeking Gamer will help you find others to play it when and where you want.

No more going to the forums for each game that you play and clicking through page after page of outdated posts in order to find people to play with. Gamer Seeking Gamer features a robust searchable database that allows you to search for other people to play with by game type, game title, geographic location, preferred style of play, and much, much more! Your searches can be as broad or as detailed as you like! All for FREE! So don't hesitate and become a founding member of Gamer Seeking Gamer by signing up NOW!

     Here`s what each membership comes with:
Gamer Name: A unique gamer name that will identify you and your profiles to other users on all parts of Gamer Seeking Gamer.
Advanced Search: Access to robust advanced search features that allow you to find the perfect game to join or gamer to play with.
Profiles: You may have up to four different, specialized profiles that allow you to be found by other gamers that are looking for people to game with. Use as many or as few as you`d like and you can make them searchable or private at any time!
Table Top Games: A general profile that covers table top games of all kinds. Examples include role-playing games, collectable card games, war games, board games, and non-gambling traditional card games.
Game Host Profile: A profile set up specifically for game masters of table-top role-playing games or other game hosts to find additional players to join their gaming sessions.
Online Gaming Profile: A profile that details your preferences for online gaming, making it easy for guilds and other players with similar interests and play styles to find you and invite you to play! You can list multiple games with different preferences for each, including a place to link your character builds if you choose.
Guild and Clan Recruitment: The perfect place to recruit new players for an online guild or clan. You can list several games under the same profile, so if your guild is active across game titles or platforms, you can list them all and specify which ones are recruiting, what your needs are for each, and accept applications all in one spot!
Messaging System: Each membership has its own message center that allows for safe communication with other gamers without having to give out personal information until you`re ready to do so.
Reporting Tool: A quick and easy way to report inappropriate or abusive posts, profiles, messages, or behavior.


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