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Over 300 Members!

We've only been live for a few short weeks and we've already topped 300 members! The best part is that they are from different places in the world, including Australia, Canada, and all parts of the United States!

300 is a significant number of members, but we are striving for more. Why? Because the more members we have, the better YOUR search results will be. You can't be found if you're not a member so if this is your first visit or you've just been thinking about it, SIGN UP now! It's 100% free and we won't spam you or sell your information!

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New Games Added: Table Top War Games

Through our suggestion box, we caught wind of a gaping hole in our War Games section. We've remedied the situation by adding the following games:

Warhammer 40,000
The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game

Thanks to our member that suggested Warhammer 40,000! The other two are bonus titles from the same company, Games Workshop and found them fitting to add right away.

We hope this helps you find a player or player(s) for these games. If there's a game we are missing in any of our categories, please drop us a line through the suggestion feature!

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New Game Added: Dragon Age RPG

Thanks to a suggestion we received, "Dragon Age RPG" is now a select-able title in the Table Top Role Playing Game category!

Thanks for the submission and we apologize for missing this one on our initial list!

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New Games Added: Board Games

Hello, board gamers! I just added a bunch of board game titles that didn't make the jump from the build site to the live site. They are listed below, and remember that if I am missing anything, please submit it through the suggestion box! Thank you and best of luck in your search!

The titles added include:

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Don't Forget to Fill Out Your Profile(s)!

We are gaining new members every day from all over the world. It is an amazing thing to see happen and I couldn't be happier. To those of you that have signed up and become a founding member of Gamer Seeking Gamer, I say "thank you"!

This is just a quick reminder to make sure you fill out the profiles you want to use in order to find people to play games with. You can use any or all of the 4 available profiles in order to show what kind of a gamer you are and what you're looking for.

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Reminder Emails Sent!

Unfortunately, there was a hiccup in the email that was supposed to go out to all of you that had signed up prior to the full release (around 100 of you!). Well, instead of waiting for a fix next week, I have gone through and emailed each of you individually to let you know that Gamer Seeking Gamer is live and ready for use!

We will not be emailing on a regular basis; this one was simply to let you know that we are (finally!) live. I hope you find our profiles to your liking and enjoy your visits to the site.

All the best,


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Members Wanted!

If you are here and you are reading this, that means you are a gamer who is interested in finding other gamers to play games with! Right now, there aren't a lot of results because we are building our database of members. The more members, the more (and better) results.

So please, don't hesitate! Sign up. Everything is free. You won't be asked for a credit card or other payment information. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a founding member of Gamer Seeking Gamer.

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