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New Features: Get in Early and Free!

New Features: Get in Early and Free!

As you may (or may not) know, we have some exciting new features coming to Gamer Seeking Gamer. Normally, full access to these features would be a part of an upgraded, paid membership but right now, we are looking for a few noble souls to put them to use right from the start – for FREE!

What are these new features?

The new features include a customizable Wordpress-powered blog space and access to our new gaming-oriented events calendar that members can post events on. You can use the blog to be a homepage for your gaming activities and use the events calendar to post your events, allowing people to sign up directly through the posting! Use them separately or combine them create a powerful avenue for promoting your product, game, tournament, guild, convention, or other event. Some examples and advantages:

Comic and Game Shops

Promote all of your upcoming tournaments, meet & greets, and other special events by posting them on the calendar and use the blog space to get news out about your store or post photos and stories from your events! You can also link the event directly to your site, driving traffic to your store.

Game Publishers

Use the events calendar for all of your organized play, tournament, or promotional release events, allowing gamers everywhere to read about your event and even sign up for it through the post! You can use the blog to post news about the events and drive traffic to your own site.

For organized play, we will be offering discounted pricing for your game runners, also. The exact details are still being worked out, but we want to be as helpful as we can. Your input will certainly be encouraged!

You can also post your convention appearances, events, sales, and other details.

Play by Post RPGs

Find a new audience for your play by post adventures and keep your current players up to date with our new event calendar! You can use the blog to detail what your particular adventure is all about or post updates about the adventure as it occurs.


We want to be the “T.V. Guide” of streamers! You can post your streaming schedule on the events calendar and use the blog to link to your videos on other sites or to talk about your stream! At this time, we are not planning on providing a streaming or video posting service – we just want to help you get the word out to viewers so they can find you. We will be looking into allowing the imbedding of your videos, however, so you can share them on your blog.


Much like the streamers, above, we want to help gamers and podcasts find each other. Grow your audience by posting your new podcasts (live or previously recorded) in the events calendar and use the blog space as a homepage, to allow discussion from your fans about the topics you discuss, or simply use it to link to your current or archived podcasts.

LARP & Cosplay Groups or Gatherings

Use the blog as a low-cost homepage so you can share news, pictures, and other information about your organization or group and its events. The events calendar will be a great place for you to post about your events and invite others to join you. You can even accept sign ups through the event posting!


Running a gaming related convention? Use the events calendar to let gamers from around the world know about it and use the blog to provide additional information and drive traffic to your homepage so vendors and visitors can sign up! You can even create an event for each of your panels, speakers, or other special occasions.

Convention Attendees and Vendor Events

This category is for convention vendors and attendees that want to get the word out about their own special events in the area of a convention. Whether it’s a meet and greet for a vendor or a special gaming-related gathering set up by an attendee, we want to help spread the word. You can use the blog to update people about the event as it occurs, direct visitors to your own Facebook, Twitter, or homepage, or just share pictures and stories to the world.

Online Guild Leaders or Teams

Our blog would be a great low-cost homepage for your guild or team to promote itself and if you decide to run a recruitment try out, a tournament, or other special event, the event calendar would make the perfect place to do that!

Why use a GSG Gamer Blog if you already have a blog?

Simple – visibility. Your Gamer Blog will be a part of a larger network of gaming-oriented blogs. Right now, the plan is to allow users to follow other blogs in the network, reblog posts to their own blog (while linking back to the post originator), “like” individual posts, comment on posts, and share posts via the most popular social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). These features will allow gamers or all types to find your blog and spread the word about it, driving additional attention to your product, event, or information.

These two “simple” features will provide you with an incredibly valuable resource.

Rules and Important Notes

As with all games, however, there are a few rules. All blogs and calendar posts must be gaming related and family friendly. We will not allow or support gambling sites or games, sexual material (including nudity or overly suggestive imagery), or discriminatory-oriented events. Paid events and tournaments are acceptable, but we will not be handling money in any way. You can allow users to sign up for your event through the calendar, but you will need to arrange payment for your events on your own. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Also note that the exact features and functionality have yet to be finalized. We want to provide as much flexibility, customization options, and features as possible. As these details get finalized, updates will be posted here, on our Facebook page (, and on Twitter (@GSG_Official).

How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

Simple! Email us at and let us know that you’re interested. Please include “Promotional Membership” in the title and let us know which category you most fit into. We will be awarding several 12-month and 6-month free memberships on a first come-first serve basis. Quantities are limited so don’t hesitate. Get all of the power of Gamer Seeking Gamer for FREE!

I will answer all questions as they come in, but please allow a day or two for me to get back to you. We will notify those that are granted the free memberships via an email that will contain instructions on how to secure your free upgrade. I strongly recommend signing up for a Gamer Seeking Gamer membership now so you can secure the bonus “Founder” benefits for as long as you remain a member.

Please also note that these features are not live yet. We are working on them every day and will be rolling them out as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in Gamer Seeking Gamer and we hope to hear from you about this wonderful opportunity!


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