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New Games Added!

New Games Added!

Hey, folks! Thanks to the diligent efforts of a favorite member and Twitter follower, we are refining and adding to our board game lists and, to a lesser extent, the other non-RPG table top game lists. The newly added games are as follows (in not-so-alphabetical order):

1313 Dead End Drive
Cards Against Humanity (Card & Dice Games)
Word Sweep
The 70s Game
The 80s Game
The 90s Game
VH1 I Love the 80’s Game
APBA Baseball
APBA Baseball Online (Online Games)
APBA Football
APBA Hockey
APBA Soccer
Word Winder
GO Mental – Classic
GO Mental – FUNDAmental
GO Mental – SACRAmental
Beadecked (Card & Dice Games)
Apples To Apples (Card & Dice Games)
Beggar My Neighbor (Card & Dice Games)
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Black Vienna
Break the Safe

So, if you've been wondering where these games were at in our lists, you may wonder no more! They are there! Huzzah! :)

This is only part one. There will be further additions from our mystery helper (who has our deepest appreciation) coming soon.


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