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Our Ad in Gygax Magazine!

Our Ad in Gygax Magazine!

Hey, folks! We are advertising in Gygax Magazine for the 2nd time this issue and are very proud and excited to be in there.

Gygax Magazine is a wonderful throw-back to the old issues of Dragon Magazine that I loved so much growing up as a Role Playing Game player. You can check them out here:

As a special note for those of you that have the magazine and found our special code, hold on to it! When I originally planned the advertising campaign, I had thought that our latest updates would be complete and live. These updates are to include a special box where you can input a code for special features and benefits. Alas, it has taken longer than expected to get the updates done, so this isn't live yet.

However, don't fret! You will be able to enter the code once the new features do go live so that you can gain your special membership title, allowing you to proudly display that you are a fan of Gygax Magazine in addition to being an awesome member of Gamer Seeking Gamer.

Thank you for your patience and we'll get that code box up as soon as possible!

Happy gaming!


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