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Updates are Coming to the Site!

Updates are Coming to the Site!

On Friday, December 13 (yes, Friday the 13th), I met with my developer over at Lanitech and outlined some things that I would like to add to the site. Now it is just waiting for the quotes and deciding what order to get things done it.

The possible additions to the site are very exciting to me and will provide members with more ways to find other gamers to game with. They will also add some more reasons for people to visit the site, more things you can do as a member, and more ability to personalize your experience.

I won't go into details yet because things may change and I don't want to disappoint anyone by making promises I can't keep. It is all going to be dependent on the cost and time to get them done. Mostly, the cost, though.

You can help with the costs of the site by donating on our donations page through Paypal ( All donated funds will go directly into the site and donating members will receive long term benefits that I'm still working out. Rest assured that I would be very appreciative of anyone helping support the site.

Keep your eyes peeled and please help spread the word about our amazing site! If you haven't signed up, you should do so soon because the "Founder" membership level will be going away with the next site update (or shortly thereafter). Founders will gain additional benefits down the road also, so get in while you can!

To our friends, followers, and members, thank you and happy holidays!

As always, play well. Live better.

-Scott, Owner/Operator of Gamer Seeking Gamer

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