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Updates Update 2, Electric Boogaloo!

Updates Update 2, Electric Boogaloo!

We are still hard at work on the updates for the site! Some of our work is already visible to you. Have you seen our fancy "Newest Members" capsule on the left side of the screen? Those are our latest members to join and complete a profile. Check them out! Or, if you haven't already, sign up and fill out a profile so that YOU can get on our front page!

A lot of the work is being done on the back end right now, too. Optimizing the search engine and adding more location data, such as city and postal code information so you don't have to fill them in yourself. This will help create better matches by making sure the information is consistent and reliably spelled or entered.

We are also working on a more structured and user-friendly Membership Information page for you. Not only do I want it to be presented better, but I want to give you more control over what location information actually displays on your profile information. Don't want people to see your city or postal code information? Make it private. Same with country and state/province information. You're in control of what others see now. For a preview image, check out our Facebook page!

I will post further updates as we continue to work on things. I wish I could say more right now, but I don't want to say too much before the details are ironed out. Suffice to say that Gamer Seeking Gamer is improving, growing, and evolving into THE place for gamers of ALL types to find a gamer or find a game.

Stay tuned!

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