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Gamer Seeking Gamer is LIVE!

Gamer Seeking Gamer is LIVE!

Once again, welcome, O Seekers of Gamers! Today marks the live launch of Version 1 of Gamer Seeking Gamer. You may now log in and update your profiles and begin your search for other gamers to play the games you enjoy with!

Please forgive any minor bumps along the way, as there may be a few in the early days. If you notice something odd or that doesn't work right, please let us know.

Also, keep in mind that GSG will only work as well as the quality of our gamer database. So, please, spread the word about us by mentioning us on Facebook, Twitter, game forums, and even in game chats! The more gamers we have, the better search results you'll get.

And remember, this is just phase 1 of GSG. We are already working on phase 2 which will include the individual blogs for each member, GSG forums, and even new profiles (live action role-playing, for example). We also want to expand our use for guilds to recruit and keep track of their members.

Thank you for visiting and best of luck in finding your new gaming partner(s)! Find a gamer, find a game!


p.s. Please forgive the colors of the blog right now. Consider it a minor bump. :)

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