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EverQuest: Landmark Closed Beta Code!

EverQuest: Landmark Closed Beta Code!

We have added EverQuest Landmark to our list of game for our Online Gamer and Online Clan or Guild profiles!

It may just be closed beta right now, but it is never too soon to find other, like-minded people to partner up with or invite to join your guild (or even find a guild to join)! That's what we are here for.

But, for that to work, we need members with Landmark listed in their profile. So, to encourage our EverQuest community to grow, we will be giving away one (1) CLOSED BETA code!

All you need to do is sign up for a FREE "Founder" membership with Gamer Seeking Gamer (if you haven't already) and complete either an Online Gamer or Online Guild profile and include EverQuest Landmark as one of your games! As an added bonus, you can double your odds by filling out BOTH profiles with Landmark listed! It's free and easy!

Please note that this is not an "official" contest sponsored by SOE and is being done with a code donated by a follower.

We will determine the winner by listing each member's Gamer Name that qualifies on paper and - in possibly the oldest game in the world - pick one out of a hat!

Hurry! You don't have much time. We will be picking the winner no later than 12:00pm (Noon) PST on Sunday, March 30th. That's tomorrow at the time of this post. Less than 24 hours! The winner will be notified via their Gamer Seeking Gamer inbox and an email sent to the address provided for their membership.

Thank you for participating in our first ever (and experimental) contest/giveaway! There will be more official contests in the future so stick around to see more!

Best of luck!


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