Is Gamer Seeking Gamer a dating site?
A. No. Gamer Seeking Gamer is not intended to be used for dating or any other romance based communications. Any such activity should be reported. Harassment and misuse of this nature will not be tolerated. Thank you for understanding.

Why can’t I search by gender?
A. Because Gamer Seeking Gamer is not a dating site and being able to search by gender could be abused. In addition, gender shouldn’t be a major factor in deciding who to play games with. If, for whatever reason, it is a concern of yours, be sure to bring that up during your communications prior to meeting so no one is embarrassed or made to feel uncomfortable or mislead. As always, being honest from the start will save everyone a lot of trouble.

How much is a membership?
A. The current Gamer Seeking Gamer membership is free. In the future we may add paid premium memberships, but these will come with additional features and will only be implemented if there is sufficient interest. The current set of membership benefits will always be free.

How is Gamer Seeking Gamer supported?
A. Gamer Seeking Gamer is supported through the use of strategic, non-intrusive advertising. Though we are currently using Google Adsense and/or other ad services, we would like to move to hosted advertising as soon as possible. We also have a donations page with all donations going toward upgrading and improving the site. We will have a list of planned improvements on the donations page to show what the money will go toward.

How do I advertise on Gamer Seeking Gamer?
A. Contact us at admin@gamerseekinggamer.com – Please include “Advertising” in the subject line. We are open to all types of advertising that would be of interest to gamers. We will NOT allow pop ups or any other sort of intrusive or overly distracting ads nor ads for illegal, adult, or gambling sites, services or businesses.

How do I get a game listed in the choices that isn’t already listed?
A. Easy! At Gamer Seeking Gamer, we want our game lists to be as useful and as comprehensive as possible. All you need to do is use the suggestion form to suggest a game title and provide a little bit of information about the game. We will check it out and if we find it to be appropriate we will add it to the game list. This may take some time and in some cases, we may wait until we get a number of requests for the same title. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the free form type box provided to enter a game that is not on the list. Please use proper spelling of the game name, as it appears on its packaging. This will help optimize search results and avoid you getting missed due to a misspelled name or use of an abbreviation.

Can I change my Gamer Name?
A. Your Gamer Name is your identity on Gamer Seeking Gamer. For that reason, we did not make your Gamer Name easily changeable. All changes must go through Gamer Seeking Gamer admin and will only be accepted for extreme circumstances and will be looked at on a case by case basis. Requests should be sent to customerservice@gamerseekinggamer.com with “Gamer Name Change Request” in the subject line and include a detailed description on why the name needs to be changed.